Transplanting into Fabric Pots – Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery

Kevin Jodrey from Wonderland Nursery demonstrates transplanting into fabric using one of his Jungle Spice plants!

Preparing the receiving container

Before you pull the plant out of its container, make sure you have the receiving container prepared. Judge the height of the plant in its current container so that you can place media at the bottom of the new container and have a few inches of space left after you move the plant in.
After you’ve placed the media in the bottom of the new pot, even out the dirt and lightly pack it in.

Preparing plants for a new container

Transplanting from a plastic pot requires a bit of work. After working the plant out of the pot, it needs to be collared. This is done by breaking up the top layer of soil. The bottom layer of soil also needs to be broken up to loosen the roots on the bottom. Often, the roots will be circled around the root mass. Breaking them up prepares them to expand into a new container.


Transplanting from a classic fabric pot is much easier. For smaller sizes, most people grab a 5 gallon bucket and roll the fabric pot down over it. There is no need for collaring or breaking up the roots since the roots haven’t circled the container. This means there is less chance for transplant shock to the plant.



In this video, Kevin is transplanting from a fabric pot that has velcro sides. This is the easiest container transplant from, because all you need to do is unzip the pot and pull the plant out!

Moving the plant

This is the easiest step. Pick the plant up, and put it in the new container. Fill the sides in with dirt and add your top dressing. (Wonderland Nursery uses rice hulls)

What could go wrong?

The most fragile and valuable part of a plant is the crown. The crown is a line of cells above the roots. Cells above this line are told by the plant’s genetics to grow upwards as a shoot and cells below this line grow downward as a root. If this line of cells is damaged, the plant will limp through the rest of its life cycle unnaturally. Be most careful around this part of the plant while transplanting!

Complicated Vocab

We are not going to lie… there were a couple of terms we had to look up after interviewing Kevin.
Adventitious – “growing directly from the stem or other upper part of a plant.”
Proliferation – “rapid reproduction of a cell, part, or organism.”

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