Rolling Tables Aren’t Worth It at Green Life Productions

According to Steve Cantwell, owner and operator of Green Life Productions, stuffing plants into a room with rolling tables or rolling benches isn’t always ideal, especially under strict Nevada regulations.


Why is everybody always talking about their rolling tables and how trick they are? Rolling table are trick, dude, they have a lot of advantages, but the way people are using them there’s a lot of disadvantages. They’re cramming these rooms full of plants. They’re just trying to get as many plants under a light as they can and they’re forgetting about air circulation and just the ability to be able to observe prior to interaction. So one of the things we found out in our Pahrump facility is we tried to appease the state as much as possible. So we built our beds 6 inches off the ground on rolling benches and it was really cool. Everyone was really excited about it, but now we have to clean under those benches. So now we have to move thousand pound, several ton benches out of the way to clean underneath them because now there’s a mess that has developed underneath them. So what we did with this facility is we slammed them on the ground and we just silicone’d them. That way there’s nothing. No water, no moisture, no food, nothing. No bacteria can get underneath there and grow. So, now when we clean these rooms, we basically just soak the floors and we just wash it all down, squeegee it all into the drain versus having to actually move beds and clean under things. Sped things up quite a bit.

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    Where do your planter beds drain too if they are silicone down to the ground? Is there something under the beds between the bed and floor?


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      Cannabis Fabric Pots


      Sorry we missed your question earlier, Randy! These beds are sitting on trays. The trays themselves are sealed to the ground with silicone to prevent water from getting under them. GLP has drains in their floor for when they are cleaning.


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