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Bringing the Outdoor Notill Method Indoor | Green Life Productions

Green Life Productions is an indoor medical facility in Nevada. They have a couple locations and we were able to visit their Las Vegas grow to document their notill methods.
Steve Cantwell, who owns and operates Green Life Productions, shares his experience.


Hello everybody. Steven Cantwell, Owner and Operator of Green Life Productions here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Three years ago, when we took this outdoor concept and tried to introduce it indoors, a lot of people were quick to mock us and try to kick us down and say it wasn’t going to work. But we’ve been highly successful. We’ve been easily one of the most successful brands in Nevada. And it’s not just solely the living organic soil by no means, it’s not just the LEDs by no means, it’s obviously an accumulation of things. But the living organic soil and the LEDs just make sense. When you’re growing weed in the desert, where it’s 120 degrees on the average summer day, LEDs are the smarter alternative route to use. Living organic soil, putting the plant back in control, keep in mind this was a medical industry. Last year, this was not a recreational industry, it was 100% medical. So if you’re trying to grow a medical medicinal plant with poisons and synthetic fertilizers then it just doesn’t make sense those are the cause of the problem, not the solution.

We opened up living organic soil indoors, again, we just try to keep it as simple as possible. We’ve learned so many things along the way. We’ve done just about everything wrong you can do. Which is a testament to how forgiving the system truly is and how forgiving mother nature can be. I mean everybody has a different approach, that’s the beauty of it. No two facilities are going to be the same. I have two no-till facilities and drastically different with how we run them. There are a lot of similarities as far as the soil and how we run it, but for the most part, the employees are different, the environment is different, the county regulations are different. We might do a little bit of things differently. So every facility is going to be different. But our approach to no-till is basically to simplify it as much as possible. A lot of people try to add all these bells and whistles and really try to over complicate things and try to control things. For us, it’s more or less, just simplify it, look to nature, and put the plant back in control. It’s a lot safer and more affordable to let the plant run its diet, to let the plant run its drinking regiment then try to pay somebody to sit there and try to manage a plant 24/7 for three months out of its life cycle. For us, more or less, just modeling after nature, simplifying it, and making sure that things are easy, repeatable, and that we actually track data. For us, it’s also really good on data. One of the things about Nevada is that we have all this strict testing. The strict testing gives us all this really nice data. We’re actually able to take all the data, from every five-pound lot we will take it and separate it and see the difference between things. We’re able to do more side-by-side testing and see what works and what doesn’t. Using more science versus just “bro-science”. For us, it’s been really good. But, at the end of the day, look to mother nature, she knows what’s going on, she’s been doing it longer than anybody, and just simplify.

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