Living Soil Fabric Pots

Innovative Fabric Pot Technology That Mirrors Nature

Regular fabric containers provide many benefits over plastic pots, but are further improved with Living Soil Fabric Pots which have the added bonus of MoistureLock™ technology.

Living soil contains all the components for optimum growing conditions and maximum growth yields, by enabling natural decomposition and recycling of organic material. When transferring living soil from the ground into pots, the environment has changed and so needs to be corrected to match the original environment as closely as possible.

Regular fabric pots go some way towards this by providing exceptional aeration, air pruning and drainage through the use of breathable non-woven fabric. Soil in its original environment dries only from the surface, while soil in regular fabric pots dries faster, from the bottom and sides as well as the top.

Living Soil Fabric Pots enable the closest re-creation of living soil’s natural environment, allowing all the essential microogranisms to thrive.


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100 Gallon Living Soil Fabric Pot

Support Optimal Microorganism Growth With MoistureLock™

MoistureLock™ is a strip of BPA-free waterproof fabric sewn to the inside of the container that provides many benefits.

Promotes even moisture throughout the soil

Promotes even moisture throughout the soil

Regular fabric pots dry from the sides. MoistureLock™ prevents that, simulating the way soil dries in nature. This helps the microbiology thrive.
Less water usage

Less water usage

There is less surface area for water to escape the container, which means less water usage (lower labor) and lower humidity indoors.
Aeration and air pruning

Aeration and air pruning

This comes from the strip of breathable fabric towards the bottom of the container.
Directs water downward

Directs water downward

This helps to avoid dry pockets in the soil.

Read more about MoistureLock™ and how it can help your growth yields!

Create A Sustainable Living Soil Ecosystem With Living Soil Fabric Pots

Living Soil Pots provide many benefits:

BPA-free, waterproof MoistureLock™ liner

BPA-free, waterproof MoistureLock™ liner

With incredible benefits
Drainage and aeration strip

Drainage and aeration strip

Made from USA-made tan fabric for healthy soil and roots
Bottom seam sewn on the outside

Bottom seam sewn on the outside

With marine-bonded thread to prevent rot
A triple hem on top

A triple hem on top

For added strength
Sewn in Norcal

Sewn in Norcal

With blood, sweat, AND tears (just kidding)

Pricing List





1 gallon 6″d x 7″h $5.19
3 gallons 10″d x 8″h $5.55
5 gallons 12″d x 9″h $5.87
7 gallons 14″d x 10″h $7.39
10 gallons 16″d x 12″h $8.80
15 gallons 18″d x 14″h $10.77
20 gallons 20″d x 15″h $12.86
30 gallons 24″d x 16″h $14.67
45 gallons 27″d x 18″h $18.53
65 gallons 32″d x 18″h $22.98
100 gallons 38″d x 20″h $30.83
150 gallons 45″d x 22″h $40.46
200 gallons 50″d x 24″h $49.29
300 gallons 60″d x 24″h $63.44
400 gallons 70″d x 24″h $78.89
500 gallons 80″d x 24″h $95.90
600 gallons 84″d x 24″h $103.93


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