White ground cover at Okanogan Natural Farms.

Why would a tier 3 grow put white ground cover down? With Tom Buggia at Okanogan Natural Farms

When we visited Okanogan Natural Farms, we asked Tom Buggia how the white ground cover worked out for them this season.


Hi, I’m Tom Buggia, Okanogan Natural Farms

I have a 502 tier 3 in Washington State, and this is my 3rd season. I’ve learned a lot in 3 years.

Well, we put the white fabric down here. We’ve had trouble with dust and weeds and spent the money this year to put the white fabric down, and I think it’s a hostile environment for bugs. There’s no host plants. We have virtually no dust… pretty happy with the result. It just makes a much more clean environment. I think it shows.

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    Timothy Steele


    What do you mean when you say you have no host plants? Do you mean you have no plants with bug problems?


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      Cannabis Fabric Pots


      Tom is referring to the white ground cover acting as a weed barrier preventing non-cannabis plants from popping up during the grow season. He feels the smaller non-cannabis plants around the cannabis crop could host other bugs or cause infestation.


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    great video


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