Cannabis plant wit trellis in fabric pot.

Trellising a Large Scale Grow with Wild West Growers

Large scale cannabis grows have many potential trellis options, but instead of creating rows of plastic netting, Fish from Wild West Growers used a unique bamboo structure for each plant.

Bamboo and plastic trellis?


I’m Fish from Wild West Growers, 2017 Outdoor season, and one of the challenges that you struggle with is finding a way to trellis out a large operation, full farm.

What we decided to do is, basically use our bamboo as support to keep it as natural as possible and then we have the inside of our cage to hold the interior of the plant. Instead of using metal or something that can rust or who knows what it might do to the soil. We did the bamboo last year it kind of gives it an organic kind of look and feel. So that’s why we chose to go with the bamboo.

We took trellis netting and ScroG it around three sides of the plant, we take the other piece and wrap it down around the back side. That’s been the most efficient way for us to trellis our plants, because we thought about growing just length-wise, we don’t have our plants close enough so we had to come up with something to hold our pots and hold our trellising for our pots. That’s how we do it.

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    Garden is looking amazing brother! Strong work


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    M. Wolf Segal aka The Farmer in the Sky


    With all due respect the term “ScrOG” is being misused here. “Scrog” has come to mean all HORIZONTAL trellissing but even that isn’t what the man who devised the method which is the original Screen of Green defines as ScrOGging.
    TRUE Screen of Green:
    TScrOG was sent out of the federal prison complex at Sheridan, Oregon in the Fall of 1991 or 1992 to High Times magazine. It was sent by the originator of Sea of Green who had been busted with the highest plant count—12,000+ plants–of anyone arrested in connection with Operation Green Merchant. Prior to his arrest he had been unaware that Federal Sentencing Guidelines made sentencing for each plant, regardless of actual size, the same as that for a kilo (1000 grams) of cannabis. This meant that he was originally looking at the same sentence as if he’d been taken down for 12 tons. He thought about this long and hard as his sentence for the 3,999 plants he plead down to began and, not wanting other to also fall afoul of the sentencing guidelines, he devised TScrOG. You may wonder what makes something that is horizontal trellising NOT TRUE Screen of Green. If the distance from the top of the medium you are growing in is more than 15′-18” from the growing tips of your plant it is horizontally trellised, which many now call “scrogging” but is not a TRUE Sea of Green because it loses the advantages that are the very reason for the existence of these techniques.

    Advantages to SoG and Related Methods of Canopy Maximization
    a) The plant gives 3-4 nice heads (14-56grams, processed) per square foot.
    b) The entire plant is in the “Grow-Zone” where there is neither too much nor not enough light to make the flowers achieve their full potential.
    c) The plant does not have to spend a lot of energy translocating nutrients from the roots to the tips because this distance is kept minimal.
    d) This in turn means that the plant doesn’t spend those nutrients and energy making larf and lumber.
    e) You will not have to spend time and energy removing larf and lumber.
    f) There is a higher root mass to meristem ratio.
    g) There is a shorter window of opportunity on any given cycle for plague, pestilence or people problems to present themselves.
    h) Your work flow is more evenly distributed through the year.
    i) You get 5 crops a year that are SoG size crops (on an 8 week of long night schedule) with 1/12–1/16 as high a plant count.
    This is also the sole disadvantage of TScrOG vs SoG; eg. that you only get 5 (start to finish) crops per year vs the 6.5 you get with SoG.

    For SoG, TscroG and VsoG, cuttings are taken FROM SEXUALLY MATURE PLANTS. (If, in nature, a plant’s vegetative stage would have been 9 weeks, prior to flowering do not take cuttings of that cultivar from a mother which is not at least 9 weeks old. Cuttings taken from sexually-mature plants are sexually-mature even if they have not been triggered into flowering. Cuttings from plants which are not sexually-mature will not give you all their genetics are capable of in yield or effects.)


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