Transplant Style Fabric Pots

A Safer Transfer

The beginning stages of plant development directly affects your end yields. When transplanting your fragile plants from a pot they’ve almost outgrown to a bigger home, you are trying your hardest not to shock the plant or damage roots.  A pot that can open on the side(s) can make that process so much smoother and calmer.  A few fabric pot manufacturers make versions of a transplant pot.  The Grassroots Fabric Pots Transplant-inator™ has Velcro seams on two sides of the pot.  That allows you to essentially open the pot to grab out your roots and soil and move them.


1 Gallon Tan Transplant Pot
15 Gallon Black Fabric Transplant Pot Closed
15 Gallon Black Fabric Transplant Pot Open

Easier to Reuse

A lot of times when transferring plants out of smaller fabric pots, growers will cut the pots.  Ouch!  That can be a waste of money.  A transplant pot allows you to reuse it over and over, and neither the pot nor the plant suffer damage.

Starting ‘em Young

A lot of growers will start their plants in plastic pots when they are young, and then transfer them into fabric pots once they have grown more.  An alternative option to this would be to start your plants in fabric as young as possible.  As soon as the roots of your baby plant start to circle in a plastic pot, it’s lost potential.  We think an ideal situation would be to make the investment into fabric pots as temporary homes for your young plants, and a choosing a transplant pot makes that process much easier.

Transplant-inator™ sizes

Grassroots Fabric Pots offers just a few sizes of their planter with two Velcro seams:





1 gallon 7″l x 7″w x 6″h $5.19
5 gallons 11″l x 11″w x 10″h $8.89
15 gallons 16″l x 16″w x 14″h $12.97


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