Cannabis plants with trellis in fabric raised beds.

Large Scale Notill: It Just Makes Sense | Green Life Productions

Steve Cantwell, owner and operator of Green Life Productions, sits down with us to break down why large scale notill is not only doable, but is the most automated way to grow. Green Life Productions is a large indoor medical facility in Nevada.


Hello everybody,
Steven Cantwell, owner/operator of Green Life Productions here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Notill large scale, it just makes sense. For me, it’s simplifying a system that we can cookie cut and plant other places. Putting the plant back in control, putting biology back in control, it just keeps more consistency versus having Joe over here growing it this way, cutting it down this way, then you got Mike over here doing his own thing… no. I have the same compost, I have the same soil, I have the same recipe, the same regiment. So we have more consistent results across the board. Then, besides that, when you grow notill indoors, or outdoors, just no tilling the soil in general, by putting the plant in control, now you have the same feeding regiment. Nothing changes outside the soil. The soil controls everything, the plant and it’s relationships. So I don’t need to have my strawberry cough needs to start flushing out at two weeks before flower, but then my purple haze has another 3 weeks, so I gotta hit that with some phosphorus… I don’t have to worry about that. I just have to water; it’s a water only system. I let the plants and the biology do all the work.
So on a large scale, I really see it. It, in my opinion, is the most automated way to grow cannabis. Everybody is trying to have these trick dose-a-tron this, some fancy this that whatever jiggumbob doodad… but the end of the day, just look to nature. Plants have been growing naturally all by themselves, or I guess with the soil food web, for as long as existence so for us to try to come in and automate things, make things more complicated on a larger scale, just makes it more complicated on a larger scale. So, to me, notill just simplifies everything and it always gives me somewhere to look for answers. If I have a hydroponic system, I have a problem, where do I look for answers? Well, how did nature handle this problem? Well, nature didn’t have 30,000 square feet of current culture systems, so nature never had to deal with this problem. So again, going notill, going organic, going living organic soil, when we do have a problem just find comfort in knowing that nature has dealt with it and nature already has a solution waiting for you. So, to me it just makes sense.

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    Sam Johnson


    Who are you or what are you seeing people use for the starting media of their no till beds. I’m very interested in these fabric beds and this method of growing. Looking at going with miller soils reds premium, but always looking for others opinions.


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      Cannabis Fabric Pots


      Red premium is amazing and can be reused they are a great option, personally I have seen the night and day difference for high quality soil and low quality soil. please get the best soil you possible can afford. if it is what they say it is you will not be disappointed.


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