Large scale outdoor fabric pots on farm.

Ways to Winterize Your Outdoor Fabric Pots

Winterizing your outdoor fabric pots can extend the life of your pots, or prepare your soil for next season.


One way to winterize your outdoor pots is to empty out all the soil and machine wash the pots with vinegar and baking soda. Store the pots indoors and they will be ready to go for next season! Keeping your pots clean and out of the sun will help extend the life span of your fabric pot.

Cover Cropping

Another technique that was shared with us is cover cropping and mulching. This will give your soil a boost for next season. After harvesting, leave the plant stalk and root mass in the pot. Plant cover crop seed, like crimson clover. Cover the seeds with a mulching layer. You can use organic hay, barley, rice hulls, or something similar. When spring hits, the cover crop will seed itself in and start creating soil biology at the earliest point in the year.

Pot Poncho

If you want to protect your pots and invest in your soil biology, there’s a third option out there that aims to accomplish both. Pot Poncho is a product designed to cover your fabric pot and “improve your container soil organically over the winter season.” – visit Pot Poncho’s Instagram to see their methods.

What are the ways that you winterize your outdoor grow? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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