Tyler Lennick (left), Paul Rosas (middle) and Charlie Cassidy (right) interview screenshots.

This is the best way to be cost effective

Tyler Lennick from Butte Creek Farms, Charlie Cassidy from TKO Reserve, and Paul Rosas (BrownGuy420) from SOLO farms all agreed on the best way to be cost effective in a large grow. The answer may be more simple than you think.

So what is it already?

Here’s what the guys said:

Tyler Lennick

So I would say where you could cut the most cost is in nutrients and being able to be sustainable and growing your own nutrients for fermentations.

Charlie Cassidy

Spend more on your soil and less on a nutrient program that requires you to do all these things all the time. If you just have good soil, healthy soil, that’s the easiest way to remain cost effective.

Paul Rosas

Not saying to stay out of the grow stores, I go in there for parts and pieces, but if you’re growing organically you can find most of your organic inputs at a natural grocer’s store or your basic grocery store. If you get into synthetics, it’s really hard to save a lot of money there. If you’re growing multiple plants, the best thing you can do is make friends with a store and see what they can give you on a deal.

Charlie Cassidy

Look at your plants closely and try and find bugs before you have bugs, or hop on some sort of predator program. Ladybugs, or something just to not have to be dealing with pest problems and things that start to cost money and effect your overall outcome.

Paul Rosas

Organics is really where the cost effectiveness comes in. A year of synthetics may cost you a couple thousand whereas a year of organics may cost you a couple hundred.

Tyler Lennick

And doing compost teas and building your own worm beds, and being more proactive in those areas will save you tons of money in the long run.


Nutrients are expensive, go organic instead. Be preventative in your pest control.

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