Classic Style Fabric Planters

The Traditional Favorite

These standard sizes of pots were created originally for growing trees in containers.  They are sized by how many gallons of volume they hold, and are the most widely used for any kind of grow.  They are the most common type of fabric planter sold in hydro stores.


100 Gallon Tan Classic Fabric Pot
100 Gallon Black Classic Fabric Pot

Best for Growing from Seed

Because of the depth of the classic style pot, they are the best choice for any plants that have a taproot.  When you grow from seed, your taproot will continue to grow downwards.  These planters give it room to expand.

Size Options

There are a wide range of sizes available, and choosing which depends on your growing methods and your space.  Generally, the larger sizes are used for outdoor growing, and the smaller sizes for indoors.  The smaller sizes are also used to start plants out before they transplant to their final home.

Here are the sizes and prices of the Classic Pots by Grassroots Fabric Pots.





3 Gal Classic 10″d x 8″ $2.50
5 Gal Classic 12″d x 9.5″h $3.30
7 Gal Classic 14″d x 10″h $4.15
10 Gal Classic 16″d x 12″h $4.95
15 Gal Classic 18″d x 14″h $6.05
30 Gal Classic 24″d x 16″h $8.25
45 Gal Classic 27″d x 18″h $10.45
65 Gal Classic 32″d x 18″h $12.95
100 Gal Classic 38″d x 20″h $17.35
150 Gal Classic 45″d x 22″h $22.80
200 Gal Classic 50″d x 24″h $27.50
300 Gal Classic 60″d x 24″h $35.75
400 Gal Classic 70″d x 24″h $44.00
500 Gal Classic 80″d x 24″h $53.90
600 Gal Classic 84″d x 24″h $58.30


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