Cannabis plants with trellis.

Interview with Berto from GFarma in Calaveras

Berto Torres is the Chief Operations officer of GFarmaBrands. He is in charge of grows all over the west coast, including this one in Calaveras, California. We were able to meet up with him at his Calaveras grow and ask him some questions. Here is that interview, in full!

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Cannabis plants in fabric pots outdoor grow.

Black Pots vs. Tan Pots in the Same Outdoor Grow

A Case Study about the Wet-Dry Cycle with Sierra Family Grown

Tan fabric pots are becoming a favorite among cannabis growers because in warmer climates, the tan fabric stays cooler than black fabric pots.  When it’s hot, growers worry about root burn and other damage to their plants, so even the few degrees difference in tan is a big deal. 

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