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Comparison of tilled and no-till fabric pots on farm.

Converting To No-till By The Experts

Setting a standard No-till method

No-till is still a new movement in the growing industry. Many growers are switching over and growing with living soil, ditching nutrients, and letting soil biology do the work.

However, there is no standard system for doing No-till and each expert will go about it in a different way.

So, we reached out to 3 leading No-till experts and asked them some questions to find out what is working best for them!

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SOLO Farms at a distance.

The Low Down on No-Till with BrownGuy420

The no-till growing method has been growing in popularity over the past few seasons. The goal is to create truly organic produce the most efficient way possible. Paul Rosas, better known as BrownGuy420, is growing with the no-till method in Oregon this year.

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