Fabric raised beds cannabis indoor no-till.

Raised Beds

Maximize your square footage

We know that the goal is to grow as many plants in the space you have, whether in a greenhouse or a specific square footage allotment.  Raised beds are help you make the most of the space because you can line them up right next to each other and potentially put more plants into a smaller area.  This is also great if you are adopting the “sea of green” growing style.  Pack ‘em in!


4x4 Basic Raised Bed Side Angle
4x8 Fabric Raised Bed Side Angle Basic
4x16 Fabric Raised Bed Basic Side Angle

The theory of shared strength

Several growers we have talked to have a theory that cannabis plants like “friends.”  In this theory, the plants share their strength and immune systems between each other.

More root mass vs. pots

A raised bed can give your plants more room to grow a bigger root system when compared with growing in individual pots.  Of course, it depends on the size of planter and your growing method.  But as a general rule, a raised bed will have more room.

Wood beds are primitive next to fabric beds

Fabric raised bed cannabis greenhouse with cover crop.

A gardening industry standard has long been wooden raised beds.  Cannabis growers have been trying to make them work, but wood planters are hard to do on a large scale.

Fabric raised beds are now on the scene to solve problems and kick some ass.  Why shouldn’t you have the benefits of aeration and air pruning in a bed form?

If you want consistent soil aeration and higher yields for your growing operation, fabric will give you that over wood every day.




Convenience and Cost savings

In addition to the aeration benefits, fabric raised beds are:

  • Lightweight and moveable
    • Do you have a lease? If it expires or changes, don’t waste your wooden raised beds, and don’t worry about disturbing the ground.
  • Safer
    • No nails, splinters, or sharp corners. Have an ADA approved walkway through your grow.
  • Cheaper
    • Save money on the actual cost of supplies for your raised bed and avoid having to hire someone to build you wood boxes.  Also, reuse them!

Grassroots Fabric Pots raised bed options

Grassroots offers 3 standard sizes of raised beds. These prices include PVC fittings. All you would need to assemble them is PVC pipe cut to the correct lengths. They will also provide custom orders to whatever dimensions work for your space.


More about Custom Beds


Approx. Gallons for Comparison

With Basic Fittings

With Trellis Fittings

4’W x 4’L x 1.5’H 170 gallons $66.37 $76.13
4’W x 8’L x 1.5’H 300 gallons $102.75 $124.64
4’W x 16’L x 1.5’H 710 gallons $195.73 $235.14


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