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It boils down to this:  Fabric planters can give you greater yields off your plants.  Why is that?

  1. Better absorbing of nutrients
    • When you use a breathable container to grow, you eliminate root circling because of air pruning, and you grow a dense and fibrous root ball. That means there are more roots to suck up the nutrients you’re feeding your plants.
  2. Great drainage
    • The threat of root rot is greatly reduced because fabric planters have great drainage. The wet-dry cycle happens more frequently, meaning you can feed your plants more often and they’re happy about it.

If you’re new to the concept, read more on fabric pot benefits on our main site.

Choose Good Fabric Pots

Not all fabric pots are created equal.  A good fabric pot will be safe for your plants and strong enough to reuse and help bring your cost per crop down.

Grassroots Fabric Pots are:

  1. BPA-free and chemically stable
  2. Made 100% in the USA for great quality and consistency
  3. Sewn with bottom seams on the outside to help them last longer

Many commercial cannabis operations have trusted their grows to Grassroots Fabric Pots.  Here are some of them:


  • Wild West Growers
  • Oregon Sun Grown
  • True Humbolt
  • FFG
  • Wonderland Nursery
  • Two Cousins Farm
  • GfarmaLabs
  • Butte Creek
  • BrownGuy420
  • Ghost Gardens Colorado
  • Sierra Family Grown
  • SOLO Farms
  • TKO


Grassroots Fabric Pots are not sold in hydro stores.  Read more about them here.

Choose a Style of Fabric Planters

The style of planter you choose can affect your costs, yields, and labor efficiency.  There are many opinions on what is the best way to go, and we are striving to get that conversation documented on this website for you.

Here are some prominent styles:





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