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The Low Down on No-Till with BrownGuy420

The no-till growing method has been growing in popularity over the past few seasons. The goal is to create truly organic produce the most efficient way possible. Paul Rosas, better known as BrownGuy420, is growing with the no-till method in Oregon this year.

What is the Low Down on No-Till?

BrownGuy420 Educates on No-Till

Hello, everybody. I’m BrownGuy420 on Solo Farms. I’m the owner of Solo Farms. We have a YouTube Channel, BrownGuy420. You can go in there and check out all of our no-till videos, lessons, tutorials, showing you how to work manage-ably no-till. No-till is a very self-sustainable way of growing not only cannabis, but vegetables. It’s kind of breaking the mold of conventional growing where people say you need certain fertilizers to grow certain plants. With the no-till way, we’re relying on living soil, but your living soil gives all the nutrients your pots are going to need.

It’s the plant itself that’s in the soil that is going to dictate on what it needs and when it needs it. We don’t buy soil every number of years, we just make it better. We put in organic inputs. Things like comfrey nettles, yarrows… We have live composting worms that bring in live bio-dynamic, biologically active earthworm castings. The worms will also break down any kind of amendment or compost that we throw on top of the pot. It brings in lots of natural decomposers like pill bugs, soil mites, and stuff that become natural predators of our bad bugs such as spider mites, broad mites… They boost immunity of your plant which allows you to ward of things like powdery mildew and certain fungal attacks that you can get.

Nature’s way is the plant produces what it needs by dropping its own foliage for the next season around. That’s your nitrogens and carbons and all of that organic matter. So, as your plant naturally dies at the end of the year, it’ll leave its stems, its leaves, and everything upon the ground and that actually gets broken down and it gives the plant everything it needs for the following season. So, there’s no need for bottled nutrients or anything like that. If you produce it upon your property, make your own vegetable seeds, and everything on there is we can replant our garden for free next year. We can use that for free to feed our cannabis every year.

To me, it’s the most cost effective way of being in a commercial outfit. Now there’s taxes, now there’s all these other things that we never had in the market before because there was no regulation. Now you’re paying for plant tags, now you’re paying for insurance, workman’s comp, all that stuff. So, to me, you have to offset something. Going truly organic where you can take off that whole cost of nutrients, you just balanced the system again.

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    roy cameron


    hello im tryng to get hold of brownguy to help with building a developing a e
    organic farm in Detroit mi I have investors lined up but don’t know how to put
    it on paper or show what im trying to do but ive watched u from start to finish to
    n know how to get others to what to grow with the same template


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