We interview lots of growers who use words we have to look up ourselves. After we figure out what they’re talking about, we put them here so you don’t have to research it yourself.


AdventitiousAerobic and Anaerobic BacteriaBokashiCultivarExudates HügelkulturHumic AcidKNFMyceliumMycorrhizaNPK RatiosOLCCProliferationRhizosphereScroG



Adventitious roots come from some place on the plant that is not a root, usually the stem.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria don’t require oxygen to exist. Aerobic bacteria depend on oxygen.


Bokashi is a way of composting organic waste into a tea. It varies slightly from compost teas.


A cultivar is a plant variety, like a strain.


The fluid and cells that are secreted by a plant, usually through the roots.

Hügelkultur (Hügel piles)

This is a type of composting method using plant materials to promote soil fertility.

Humic Acid

Humic Acid is a mixture of several acids that are produced by the decomposition of organic matter that can promote plant tolerance and nutrient effectiveness.


This stands for Korean Natural Farming, which uses local microbiology to fight pests naturally and increase the health of the soil.


(Plural: Mycelia) Mycelium is the part of a fungi colony that branches out and creates mycelia mats. Mycelia mats can transfer biology and serve as biological filters, which may increase crop yield.


(Mycorrhizal association) A mycorrhiza is the symbiotic relationship between fungi and a plant’s rhizosphere.

NPK Ratios

The NPK ratio compares the presence of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.


This stands for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which is where Oregon recreational marijuana farmer’s need to get some of their licensing.


Proliferation refers to quick reproduction of a cell.


The rhizosphere is a plant’s root system, specifically where the roots interact with soil microbiology.


ScroG is a word for the term Screen of Green, where adding a canopy or trellis over a plant will help shape and train it to create a more even layer of buds. This method is said to help a plant produce more flower at harvest.

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