Kevin Jodrey with young plants in indoor grow area.

Kevin Jodrey’s 2017 Hot Strain Predictions

Kevin Jodrey runs Wonderland Nursery near Humboldt, CA. He co-founded The Ganjier and holds the Golden Tarp awards each year. While we were visiting with him at his nursery, he shared with us what he thought would be 2017’s hottest strains!

His Top 2017 Strains

  • Zkittlez
    • At the time of this video, in late 2016, this strain had recently won the Golden Tarp award. It ended up winning the 2016 Emerald Cup for the flower category.
    • Zkittlez is a cross between Grapefruit, Grape Ape and a third strain that 3rd Gen Family won’t disclose. It’s popular for an odd energizing effect that is strange for an indica.
  • Royal Kush
    • This cut was originally sifted by Mac, a friend of Kevin. Mac passed away a couple years ago and Kevin re-released his strain back into the public.
    • The Royal Kush strain is a hybrid cross between Afghani and Skunk. It is not for lightweights, as it packs some serious punch.
  • Glue Hybrids
    • Gorilla Glue and its various forms are still strong strains. As education around breeding and cloning continues to grow, people will keep pushing good strains to their fullest.
  • Cookie Hybrids
    • Girl Scout Cookies was such a widely accepted strain that new hybrids are coming out all over the place that take away slow growth and add terps.
  • Landrace Hybrids
    • Because of how much environment can effect a strain, landrace strains are becoming recognized as incredibly important. A landrace strain is a strain that has been grown in a specific environment or region for so long, that it has truly evolved and adapted to grow in that area.

If you want to learn more about Kevin Jodrey, you can read about Kevin on The Ganjier website.

Our Wonderland Nursery Trip

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