Cannabis plants in fabric pots at Seven Point Farms.

Interview with Shawn McCreery from Seven Point Farms

Shawn McCreery is the head grower at Seven Point Farms in Southern Oregon. He had a different approach to growing when compared to the other growers we spoke to on our 2016 Oregon Grow Tour. Shawn was using 65 gallons, the smallest size we had seen used in an outdoor grow in the area. He had even folded the sides of the 65 gallons down to make the container smaller.

Unique techniques from an Oregon master

What did Shawn have to say?

My name is Shawn Patrick McCreery. I’m the grower for Seven Point Farms, Josephine County. I’m looking forward to knocking it out of the ballpark with this crew that I’ve got here at Seven Point Farms and “whoo hoo”!

What size fabric pots are you using?

We’re using 65 gallon pots because we’re going to do mini, mini plants and we figured we’d just go a little bit smaller plants. Smaller plants are a little more compact and seems to be more robust, gnarlier, faster flowering time… just all around better weed when you’re growing in a little bit smaller pot, not trying to get them so big and overfed.

Have you attempted to move a full pot?

No. We actually build a little outfit for these pots here so we can fill 10 of them up at a time. They will be moved next year, but for this year we put them in place and that’s where they’re staying.

Why are the tops of your pots folded down?

We were running out of time. We were waiting to get our rec license application approved and every week we were just running out of time. So, I knew I didn’t have enough time to really absolutely need 65 gallon pots so I figured we’d fold them in half, fill them up, and it’d work out perfectly for the time that we had and so far it has.

Why did you choose tan colored pots?

Just keep the soil cooler, keep the roots cooler, everything moves a lot better along in the tan pots.

What soil did you choose?

We chose it through a Rogue Valley Garden Supply. They make their own. They do a pretty good job. It was compost, it’s got compost in it and all the goodies. It’s a very good blend. That’s how I chose mine.

What nutrients do you use?

I wouldn’t have even used nutrients at all but because we ran out of time and everything I decided to use a bottled nute. Otherwise I’d be brewing teas and going fully organic, compost teas and just rolling that way.

You mentioned you are on a shorter time schedule. What’s your ideal season length?

Well, I just meant a time schedule as my plants… we don’t have enough time to get them huge, or get all the growth that we wanted to get out of them and try to get our weight where we needed it to be to be where we needed to be. Instead of overdoing it, we just kinda shrank everything down and dialed it in for what we had left in our best certain… you know everything in the time we had left… the same flowering time with our short veg time, we figured it’d be best just to split it in half and instead of the 65 we’d do 30, 35.

Any other amendments?

Yeah, all of my soil has been… it’s all in the soil and everything. That’s why we picked it. This year, just going with the soil and actual nutrients through Elevation Organics which is working great. Great stuff. Next year we’ll be going all… getting all jiggy with it when it comes down to the biologicals and all the good shit.

What strains are you growing?

I went for a for sure type of deal. I went for old time strains that I knew and I have a very close grower friend of mine that recommended and vouched for them. Basically, that’s what I did, I went with the pineapples, the Chernobyl, the sugar black rose that i’ve grown for many years because it’s such a beautiful plant, and there’s OG, and girl scout cookies. So we kinda stuck to the big guys right now and ones that I knew would perform well through a great grower friend of mine.

Did you put any thought into which side of the property to put the farm?

There was only one side to put it on. We kinda knew where it needed to go, so we made a spot. We found where the sun was going to shine and where it was going to shine the best and that’s where we put it.

Where do you see the cannabis industry in 5 years?

Oh, man. Yeah, I don’t got a whole lot of good to say about it. I’m hoping… god I don’t know. Scary even thinking about it. Hopefully right here is where I’m hoping to see it, but I don’t know.

Do you have any advice for beginner growers?

Less is more, always PH. That’s about it.

When did you start growing?

It’s kind of a long story. It started out with a bad relationship and I found a plant and I got me a light and I laid on my floor for four months watching that thing grow and… it got me in more trouble because that’s all I did was lay there and watch that plant grow, but anyway I had become obsessed with it and it’s just become something that’s out of control in my life right now. I can’t get enough whether it’s grown indoors, outdoors, down low, up high… I use frogs. I got at least a million frogs in my grow right now out at my med grow. I use frogs and ladybugs usually for my pest control. It’s just taken off from there. I really can’t think of anything else to say right now.

Is this your first grow on this property?

Yeah, this is our first grow here. It was rough when we were coming together. We had a good plan, we didn’t have much to go with, though. So we decided we were going to do a recreational grow with just a thought. We really pulled something off here. So, we’ve had properties that we were almost ready to get, we were getting ready to start on then all of the sudden BAM, like Jackson County… the setbacks. They couldn’t put a grow within 250 feet of any property lines or anything like that. It was like one of the jabs. We’ve had a lot of those, though. That’s something I can say about the whole industry. It’s really hard to go forward with something. We were going forward with the BHO, we got all the way through packaging and we spent the big bucks and did everything and got all the right equipment and the day we had it tested to go into the shops, they pulled the plug on us. Every dime, everything. Even the product that we had made was all of the sudden useless. Several things like that. Then again, we’ve had several things that happened like the fences. We were building here and they wanted 8 foot fences that you couldn’t see through. Solid fences and other things that they wanted us to do that were just super expensive. With all their rules getting changed, they flipped out rules. We don’t have to have the fence now and we don’t have to have professionals come out and survey wherever we put our boxes and dig our holes and shit like that. So that’s helped a lot. That’s all I got to say about that.

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    Momma BEAR


    I have learned a lot from u in the last year and a half.. From helping my cancer and making my fell like my kids still need me..THANK YOU..


  • Avatar

    Ron Jones


    I loved the while interview..Ya did great Brotherman..Sounded very professional…That’s because You aRE A pRO..gREAT jOB..


  • Avatar

    Mrs Dianne Kirkwood


    Way to go Shawn! We are so proud of you! Just terrific !


  • Avatar

    glenda f fitzgerald


    I am 65 years young would like a job as a trimmer, know of anyone who needs me? Thanks


  • Avatar

    Cheryl porter


    Shawn it’s nice to see your passion keep up the great work. I know your helping a lot of sick people. I’m sure your family is very proud of what your doing and who u have become.


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    Your garden is lookin beautiful brother


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