Kevin Jodrey looking down.

Why Short Fabric Pots Are Awesome – With Kevin Jodrey

We drove up to Garberville, CA to meet up with local growing expert Kevin Jodrey. Kevin owns Wonderland Nursery, a clone production facility. It was truly inspiring to hear a pro drop some serious knowledge on why short fabric pots are awesome.

Watch for yourself:

According to Kevin, certain clone varietals have root systems that only go down about 13 to 14 inches. The short fabric pots become incredibly helpful, especially if you are planning shorter plant cycles. Deeper pots can mean you are spending time and money building a media you don’t fully utilize. Short fabric pots will require more top-dressing but the pay off is a more extensive and developed root system.

This can be seen in other industries as well. Trees, for examples, are produced in a similar way and those clones don’t have a taproot either.

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