Clone Style Fabric Pots

A Shorter, Wider Space

If you grow from clones, you may have noticed that the roots grow out and wide rather than down and deep.  This is because of the absence of a taproot.  When clones are grown in a classic style pot, they will often not occupy the entire depth of the pot.


45 Gallon Tan Clone Fabric Pot
65 Gallon Black Clone Fabric Pot

Save on Soil Costs

If using classic style pots filled all the way with soil for clones, it is probable that you are wasting some soil.  Some growers solve this by only filling their classic style pots part of the way with dirt.  That is a completely viable option.  Another option is purchasing pots that are shorter in the first place and not limiting your plant in any way.  That way, you use less soil, and the space matches the clones’ root system better.

Watch Kevin Jodrey explain why he likes shorter pots for growing his clones at Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt.

Grassroots Fabric Pots’ version of a shorter pot is called the Shorty Soil Saver™:





30 gal Shorty Soil Saver 30″d x 10″h $9.76
45 gal Shorty Soil Saver 32″d x 14″h $12.35
65 gal Shorty Soil Saver 38″d x 14″h $15.31
100 gal Shorty Soil Saver 45″d x 14″h $20.52
200 gal Shorty Soil Saver 65″d x 14″h $32.52
300 gal Shorty Soil Saver 80″d x 14″h $42.27
400 gal Shorty Soil Saver 87″d x 16″h $52.03


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Converting to a Shorter Size from a Classic Style

It can get confusing when choosing a shorter pot because the gallons of a shorter pot are less than the classic pots you might be used to buying.  We recommend choosing the pot’s bottom diameter first when planning your space.  Then you can choose the shorter pot with the diameter that matches what you’re used to.  That’s why we made this conversion chart:


Classic Size

Classic Dimensions

Shorty Size

Shorty Dimensions

n/a n/a 30 gallons 30″d x 10″h
65 gallons 32″d x 18″h 45 gallons 32″d x 14″h
100 gallons 38″d x 20″h 65 gallons 38″d x 14″h
150 gallons 45″d x 22″h 100 gallons 45″d x 14″h
n/a n/a 200 gallons 65″d x 14″h
500 gallons 80″d x 24″h 300 gallons 80″d x 14″h
n/a n/a 400 gallons 89″d x 15″h


  • 30 Gallon Shorty To Classic Conversion
  • 100 Gallon Shorty To Classic Conversion
  • 30 Gallon Shorty To Classic Conversion
  • 100 Gallon Shorty To Classic Conversion

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