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Don't Throw Away Your Leaves or Trimmings
Rolling Tables Aren't Worth It at Green Life Productions
Large Scale Notill: It Just Makes Sense
Bringing the Outdoor Notill Method Indoor

The Low Down on No-Till with BrownGuy420

The no-till growing method has been growing in popularity over the past few seasons. The goal is to create truly organic produce the most efficient way possible. Paul Rosas, better known as BrownGuy420, is growing with the no-till method in Oregon this year.

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Interview with Shawn McCreery from Seven Point Farms

Shawn McCreery is the head grower at Seven Point Farms in Southern Oregon. He had a different approach to growing when compared to the other growers we spoke to on our 2016 Oregon Grow Tour. Shawn was using 65 gallons, the smallest size we had seen used in an outdoor grow in the area. He had even folded the sides of the 65 gallons down to make the container smaller.

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Interview with Berto from GFarma in Calaveras

Berto Torres is the Chief Operations officer of GFarmaBrands. He is in charge of grows all over the west coast, including this one in Calaveras, California. We were able to meet up with him at his Calaveras grow and ask him some questions. Here is that interview, in full!

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